About us



Editor and producer of tin figures (flats). We sell all types of metal miniatures as well as literature dealing with social and military history. We have designed, developed and produced approximately 1,000 different series of tin figures with themes ranging from prehistoric times to the present. We also have available thousands of figures from many periods of history for collectors and fans of historical miniatures.


The company´s founder, Werner Scholtz (1904-1976), commenced his own production of tin figures in 1934 in Berlin. Since 1976 the business has been run by his son, Hans-Günther Scholtz. In 1934, the first shop was opened in Berlin-Charlottenburg and was called "Werner Scholtz, Fachgeschäft für historische Zinnsoldaten" (specialising in historical tin soldiers). In 1937, the company moved to Potsdamer Platz in Berlin and was renamed "Werner Scholtz - Herstellung historischer Zinnfiguren" (manufacturer of historical tin figures), but this shop was destroyed by bombs twice in 1944/45. In 1950, a fresh start was made in Berlin-Charlottenburg as a mail-order business. In 1968, the present shop was opened in Knesebeckstrasse in Berlin-Charlottenburg. Ever since, the world-famous "Kabinett der Berliner Zinnfiguren - Werner Scholtz" (Cabinet of Berlin Tin Figures) has been based here and supplemented by an extensive range of literature from the bookshop "Preussisches Bücherkabinett" (Prussian Book Cabinet). In 2009, the "BERLINER ZINNFIGUREN - Werner Scholtz" celebrated 75 years in the business.


  • are hand-cast miniatures which are historically correct down to the minutest detail
  • are developed in cooperation with international museums, as well as social and military historians
  • are fascinating collector´s items, manufactured by artists for connoisseurs
  • are finest quality figures sought after by museums, professional collectors, amateurs and fans alike
  • comprise more than 1,000 complete series (scenes) and hundreds of figures depicting social and military history
  • cover themes ranging from prehistoric times until the present: thousands of figures from numerous historical periods
  • are exquisitely handcrafted figures of the highest quality "Made in Germany"
  • are individually cast by hand using the finest alloys
  • are miniatures which are hand-painted by artists in accordance with exact historical detail and accurate reference material
  • Professional production of commissioned work according to customer requirements (except mold construction).
  • In addition to our own production, we offer an extensive selection of other tin figures (flats). Also available is a large range of round figures produced by acclaimed manufacturers from worldwide.
  • Our mail-order service is appreciated by clients and collectors in all corners of the world. We ship anywhere to anyone!


  • includes literature from all over the world dealing with history in general and military history
  • over 20,000 different books, in german and foreign languages, on all epochs of history, uniform studies, military technology, model making.
  • provides rare books, reprints, illustrations and strategy games
  • sells second-hand books on the subjects of history and military history
  • is a real treasure trove for those interested in history, military history and the development of uniforms


We buy collections of tin figures (all types and age) and military books. We sell round figures and moulds for tin figures. We publish two catalogues annually which can be sent on request.