Minimum order

Why do we have a minimum order value?

Orders with an order value below 25 Euro (without shipping costs) are usually liable to loss: even the smallest orders are carefully packed by hand. All orders will be treated as soon as possible. All this unfortunately has its price.

We could cross-finance the losses from micro-orders by customers with larger orders - but we do not want that.

We find it more honest to treat all customers alike and accept only costly orders.

We try to play with open cards and communicate the minimum order quantity transparently. In the cart, you have the possibility to add the required minimum quantity to the existing order with just one click. Use e.g. the function "Use Quick Order" in the shopping cart.

Added value
If you browse through our shop, you will soon find that you can always use a few colors, brushes or similar.
With the purchase of some of our best sellers you can not go wrong - or browse the gift ideas or the offers.

It is worth in every way to order a few products from our extensive assortment in order to reach the minimum order quantity.