Vallejo Colors
The Spanish manufacturer Vallejo is the specialist for acrylic paints for use in modeling, hobby and miniatures. The colors are suitable for the painting of plastic as well as metal surfaces. In addition to numerous color ranges for use with a brush or an airbrush, Vallejo also offers a wealth of innovative additional products, such as primers, textures, pigments, water and aging effects.

Product manufactured by ACRYLICOS VALLEJO SL, does not contain Volatile Organic Compounds, the product is neither explosive, nor oxidizing, poisonous, toxic, infectious, radioactive, corrosive or magnetic and their closed cup flash point is higher than 60.5 °C (141 °F). So, according to IATA and ICAO (ANEX 18) and IMDG regulations about dangerous goods, it is therefore not to be considered as presenting any risk for air and sea transportation.

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