powerful oil-less mini compressors - High Quality - Made in Taiwan

Sparmax is a brand of Ding Hwa Co., Ltd., founded in 1978. This Taiwanese company produces some of the world‘s most efficient and powerful oil-less mini compressors as well as a wide range of other airbrush equipment and accessories.

Sparmax compressors are maintenance
free, lightweight and extremely quiet, and
they are known for their exceptional quality, durability and reliability. The Sparmax airbrush product line encompasses a wide range of products, from low-cost starter systems to amateurs’ and artists’ equipment to small-scale spray guns. Sparmax products are used for a variety of application areas, from art and custom painting and model making to t-shirt and pastry decoration to cosmetics, tanning and body and nail art. They offer beginners, amateurs and budget-conscious users an excellent price/performance ratio.
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