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Brush sets

Brush Sets for all applications and in all price

Whether sable or synthetic brush - all brushes are available in a wide variety of sets. Each set contains 5 or 9 brushes of various sizes. The sets contains brushes by the company daVinci only.
Order.-No.: 309/1/S3
da Vinci
RRP 28,50 € 19,95 € *
Order.-No.: 309/3/S
da Vinci
26,95 € *
Order.-No.: 309/32
da Vinci
10,95 € *
Order.-No.: 309/5/S
da Vinci
10,50 € *
Order.-No.: 309/5/S1
da Vinci
24,95 € *
Order.-No.: 351/08011
3,95 € *