Quick order

You already know the order number of the desired article?
You have already found the figures, kits, colors, books or other in the catalog of Berliner Zinnfiguren and have the order number at hand?

Then it is quite easy to order these items in the online shop, without first having to search one by one. 

  • If there is already an item in the shopping cart, click on the cart icon in the top right corner. If the shopping cart is still empty, use this link: To the shopping cart

  • The shopping cart opens. There are five fields in which you only have to enter the order numbers. The quantity of pieces "1" is already given.

  • Enter the order number here and click "Enter" or the button "Add article to cart".

  • The article is now in the shopping cart.
    You see the title, price and availability.
    You can change the quantity, delete the article or order.

  • You can put up to five items in the shopping cart at the same time, after that the quick order is empty again and you can enter further order numbers.
    At the end of the order, click on "Continue to next step", where you will have to log in.
    Unfortunately, this last step is not spared.