Acrylic Colors and pigments made by Italy

Since almost 30 years Lifecolor produces, with deep care and competence,over 450 specific model colours; each colour has been conceived in toneand formula, with the same attention you have to built your own model.Within our colour range, based on: Federal Standard, RAL, RLM or on othermajor reference color tables, you will certainly find the tone you need.Thanks to our devote activity in accurate reproducing each shade, you willuse the most apt and realistic available tones of colours. Our colours eitherdiffers in a vast range of tones, pigment quantity and different matting agent,so you will obtain the best finishing for the model detail you are working on,very matt to reproduce a uniform or wood, lightly satin or gloss to make itlooks as varnished metal. Well try our colours and... model yourself higher!