Osprey - Men at Arms

Uniforms, insignia and appearance of the worlds fighting mens

An unrivalled source of information on the uniforms, insignia and appearance of the worlds fighting men of past and present, the Men-at-Arms series covers subjects as diverse as the Imperial Roman army, the Napoleonic wars and German airborne troops. Each volume includes some 40 photographs and diagrams, as well as eight pages of full colour artwork that provide the precise level of detail demanded by the enthusiast. Hundreds of Men-at-Arms titles have been published to date, establishing the series' position as one of the most enduring and popular military publications ever produced. Osprey's Men-at-Arms series is an authoritative and accessible reference resource for military history enthusiasts of all ages. World history comes dramatically to life in Osprey’s colourful and highly accurate illustrations of fighting men throughout the ages. Superb artwork transports you to the battlescenes themselves, providing all of the necessary detail for the reader to truly envisage the battle. Specially commissioned full colour artwork and diagrams combine to provide a unique visual approach. Full details and stunning colour illustrations of insignia worn and colours carried by warriors all over the world from ancient to modern times.
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