Credit card payments will be processed through the "3D-secure" process (called by VISA: "verified by visa" and by MASTERCARD: "MasterCard SecureCode"), which perform a high data security and therefore a high protection against fraud and unauthorized use of your card.
A password or PIN is secure the process of payment, you will be identified during the process by your card issuing bank. this method is very safe and easy to use. Mayby you prefer other ways of payment, because among others internet access and email address is required. Alternatively you can use PayPal or wired cash transfer (inside EU) for processing the payment.

The payment is processed and legitimized by you and your bank at the same time. At no time card informations will be sent to third parties. With this, it will be secured that only you can do the payment.

Before using the "3D -secure" method, it is neccessary to do a short one-time registration on your card issuing bank.

After you sent your order to us and we´re stocking your goods, you´ll get a payment link from us, containing all needed information. It will guide you to our partner Saferpay (SIX Payment Group). On this platform the payment will be processed as described above. When we have received information about the successful payment, we will ship your goods immediately.

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